Pics of the process below. Any tips on whether I can skip my windows VM? No clue why or what is supposed to then open the. The only thing associated with jsp files on my end is my text editor.

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You shouldn't need a Windows OS to access Citrix. You'd go to whatever website you were given to hit their netscaler which is acting as an SSL VPN of sorts and poking you through into their Citrix environment. You'd then click whatever dameware icon and it will fire up the Citrix client on your Mac. No need for Windows at all. They're having you login to Citrix in order to access their dameware system because they presumably don't want to open dameware directly to the internet.

I'm not sure why they can't have you RDP to this host instead of using dameware though. Thats a lot of steps to login.

You want to use a Mac application to manage a windows machine? In the Apple store there is a remote desktop program written by Microsoft.

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Its called 'Microsoft Remote Desktop'. Its clunky and constantly being updated.

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Click on Settings. Scroll to the bottom of the window and click Advanced.

HOW TO get Citrix ICA client working with Google Chrome browser in Linux

Close the settings tab. Log into Blackbaud Hosting Services and click the icon to start your program. From this point forward, Chrome will download the ica file and start the program without asking to save the file. When starting the program using Google Chrome, you will receive a prompt to allow Citrix Receiver access to your local files and folders.

New launch.ica file is downloaded every time and app doesn't launch automatically

Select "Permit All Access" to allow Citrix Receiver access to your local drives for importing and exporting. Was this article helpful? It seems just recently Chrome stopped opening my files automatically. Is there another version of Chrome that will allow this or a fix I can make to the settings? For Mac - energyyes

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  5. Original Poster. Just gave it a go, but no luck. I like your thinking though.

    OSX Receiver Question (.ica downloading instead of opening)

    I think I'll try uninstalling and doing a clean install. I'm still not sure if it is an error I'm trying to fix or a change from an update so I'm kinda shooting in the dark here. Paul Atherton.

    How to Resolve Citrix Receiver not opening in Windows 10. Citrix receiver not responding.

    I have exactly this same issue on Chrome for Mac. Was working fine until recent release when I had zip downloads auto opening on download - now the option in the drop down beside a downloaded file on the download bar is greyed out. I have reset the auto open settings under advanced bbut still greyed out foir zip files. I can choose thjis for other file types did it for citrix. Is there a list of file types classed as insecure which causes this?

    User Same here. Only recently happened, "might have coincided with Dark Mode release", considering the other bugs with download bar. Haley N. Thanks, i will suggest that in case somebody have such problem. This question is locked and replying has been disabled. Discard post? You will lose what you have written so far. Subscribe to updates.