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Draymond Green out with torn ligaments in finger. Songs that immediately made you go "this is one of th.. Ringer: LaMelo Ball the most fascinating draft pr.. UFC Masvidal vs. Diaz Official Discussion T.. Teddy Bridgewater found his 2nd career. Can someone please tell me why mother fukers still put Miguel on their songs? He ain't dope, he don't make singles become hits, what's the fuking point?

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French couldn't afford Jeremih or TheWeeknd? Or is it maybe Miguel has been hounding poor French to put him on a song for so long that French just couldn't take it anymore and let the wee lad on a record. Only want track Nubian Emperor said. Not gonna listen for that cover. Why is Drake feat.

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Those two songs from Wave God's shoud be bonus tracks. Production should be crazy.. This guy sucks so bad in my opinion Can't wait for this. French always glides over the best beats. With Montana you know you guaranteed some ride along music , people hating on his pen game yet majority of the new generation of rappers , bar a minority, be spitting straight baloney. Search this Thread Advanced Search. Last few hours Mike Mann Blaffy Goop Hair It Is Simp Hand Weak CJ Schwarz Negusis The Gary Group KoolBreeze Big Tymerz Johnnytusanmi Gold Face Eyesofchaos Ymmot Draymond Green out with torn ligaments in finger 28 replies 42 minutes ago.

Ringer: LaMelo Ball the most fascinating draft prospect in years 53 replies 3 hours ago. Nov 2 - Border agents smugglers in Mexico are sawing through parts of Trump's.. The Villian of the Harriet Tubman movie is a black man replies 5 hours ago. Y'all enjoying that new COD? Most Popular Mobile OS - 2 replies 58 minutes ago. Sign me up Stay Signed In?

Coke Wave received mixed to very positive reviews from music critics. While initially met with skepticism, it has managed to garner a sizeable cult following among listeners. David Drake of Complex magazine commended the "strategic alignment" between French and Max B, [2] and complimented Max's songwriting and "slurred, sing-song style" comparing it to a "slick, casual delivery of a drunken street poet.

He is best known for his debut single " Hi Hater ," as well as its follow-up "All the Above," the latter of which features American singer T-Pain and was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

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To date Maino has collectively sold just under 4 million digital singles globally. Maino was born in New York City. By the early 90's, Maino found himself in the middle of a "drug related kidnapping," that led to a 5-to years prison sentence: "We didn't know what we were doing," he recalls. I feel like hip hop kept me alive. G, Jay-Z , Lil' Kim — the vibe only got stronger. Maino adopted the "no writing" technique of emceeing : "I was never comfortable writing my raps down.

Best of 2 chainz, french montana, yo gotti, big sean, meek mill, future and ty dolla sign

After several mixtape releases and key guest features, in Maino was offered a recording contract by Universal Records. Maino split with the label in His commercial debut single, titled "Hi Hater," was released in April Maino released the song's official remix, featuring fellow American rappers T. The single is Maino's only Top 40 hit to date. The album's third single " Million Bucks ," features vocals and production from Swizz Beatz. If Tomorrow Comes On February 2, , Maino released Unstoppable through iTunes.

French Montana - Money Man [Mac Wit Da Cheese]

The Day After Tomorrow, unlike Maino's debut album, had lower sales, debuting at number 94 on the Billboard On October 9, they released The Mafia. They are working on their EP album for E1 Music.

Hey My Guy (feat. Max B) è tratto dall'Album Hey My Guy (feat. Max B)

Maino spent 10 years in prison for robbing and kidnapping a drug dealer. In the Irving Plaza shooting, he was cleared of any responsibility in the shooting with an NYPD Chief saying "We do not believe that he was involved in the dispute. This was said to be the most dramatic episode of World of Jenks. Though Maino clashed with Jenks , the two reconciled their differences at the end.

The Day After Tomorrow Official website. Cult following A cult following comprises a group of fans who are dedicated to a work of culture referred to as a cult classic. A film, musical artist, television series or video game, among other things, is said to have a cult following when it has a small but passionate fanbase. A common component of cult followings is the emotional attachment the fans have to the object of the cult following identifying themselves and other fans as members of a community. Cult followings are commonly associated with niche markets.

Cult media are associated with underground culture, are considered too eccentric or subversive to be appreciated by the general public or to be commercially successful. Many cult fans express a certain irony about their devotion. Sometimes, these cult followings cross the border to camp followings. Fans may become involved in a subculture of fandom, either via conventions, online communities or through activities such as writing series-related fiction, costume creation, replica prop and model building, or creating their own audio or video productions from the formats and characters.

There is not always a clear difference between mainstream media. Professors Xavier Mendik and Ernest Mathijs , authors of Cult Films , argue that the devoted following among these films make them cult classics. In many cases, films that have cult followings may have been financial flops during their theatrical box office run, received mixed or negative reviews by mainstream media, but still be considered a major success by small core groups or communities of fans devoted to such films; some cults are only popular within a certain subculture.

The film Woodstock is loved within the hippie subculture, while Hocus Pocus holds cult status among American women born in the s. Certain mainstream icons can become cult icons in a different context for certain people. Reefer Madness was intended to warn youth against the use of marijuana , but because of its ridiculous plot, overwhelming amount of factual errors and cheap look, it is now watched by audiences of marijuana-smokers and has gained a cult following.

Quentin Tarantino's films borrow stylistically from classic cult films, but are appreciated by a large audience, therefore lie somewhere between cult and mainstream. Certain cult phenomena can grow to such proportions. Many cancelled television series see new life in a fan following. One notable example is Arrested Development , cancelled after three seasons and, because of the large fanbase, returned for a episode season, released on Netflix on May 26, Futurama is another notable series, put on permanent hiatus after its initial episode run.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast had a cult following throughout its eleven season run on television, help pave the wave of other shows of similar style, which had cult followings Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Star Trek: The Original Series is notable in that it was cancelled after three seasons but gained a cult following through broadcast syndication and spawned a successful media franchise. Another cancelled series that has attained cult status is the NBC teen dramedy Freaks and Geeks which had an episode run. Another series, cancelled but gained a second life with cult status is the FOX teen medical dramedy Red Band Society which had a episode run. In a BBC review of Farscape episode "Throne for a Loss", Richard Manning said "Farscape is now a cult series because it's being shown out of sequence"; the episode in question was shown as the second episode, after the premiere. Series considered cult classics include the long-running BBC series Doctor Who, The Prisoner and the Australian soap opera Prisoner: Cell Block H ; some video games attract cult followings, which can influence the design of video games.

An example of a cult video game is Ico, an initial commercial flop which gained a large following for its unique gameplay and minimalist aesthetics , was noted as influencing the design of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and Rime, among other games. Other games which have cult followings include EarthBound , a commercial flop that resulted in the creation of a "cottage industry" selling memorabilia to the EarthBound fandom, Yume Nikki , a surreal free-to-play Japanese horror game.

Another game with a large cult following is Crash Twinsanity , considered by fans to be the best Crash Bandicoot game post-Naughty Dog era despite only average critic reviews.