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We swear by Chrome.

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It tends to run faster than Safari and won't pilfer as much of your machine's memory. Your Mac has a few tools that it uses automatically to help maintain itself. Some of these tools only run during shutdown and startup. Get into the habit of turning your computer all the way off every now and then. Instead of a spinning hard disk, an SSD works like a souped-up USB drive and grants you much faster access to your files.

13 Ways To Make Your Mac Run Faster Right Now

It's a tricky installation, so we recommend you take it to a professional. A hot computer is a suffering computer. If your computer gets too warm, arrange some fans near it or prop it up to get better air circulation underneath it. You would also do well with one of these laptop stands. This is commonly debated, but repairing disk permissions can supposedly help your computer run more efficiently. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Search icon A magnifying glass. It indicates, "Click to perform a search".

How to clean up your Mac

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Keep Your Mac's Hard Drive Healthy

LinkedIn icon The word "in". Fliboard icon A stylized letter F. But here's what to do to stretch every last bit of life out of your machine. Alternatively, buy a new Mac with an SSD preinstalled. Some you do need, but nearly half of them can be safely switched off. A cluttered hard drive is annoying, to say at least. According to one test conducted by MacWorld, nearly full hard drives perform Your system will convert the newly-released free space into virtual memory to ensure your apps are running smoothly. When it comes to storage, there are items you know about like your photos and videos and some hidden entities like cache files, logs, and app junk.

These deep-seated junk files may start off small, but over time they will begin to weigh your Mac down. One folder you should regularly clean up for a faster Mac is the Downloads folder.

How to Clean Up Junk Files on Mac? 6 Useful Tips to You Need to Know

This is where junk piles up little by little, resulting in a total mess. For a complete Mac clean up, make sure to also ditch any unnecessary widgets or apps. Wait, but you think you might need them one day? So gather all your courage and hit Delete. If your Mac is still running slow, then it could be due to old hardware.

CCleaner is the number-one tool for fixing a slow Mac

However, before you spend money on new hardware, you should probably try CleanMyMac X a Mac cleaner app that polishes your entire Mac from within. It goes through every folder on your drive, including normally inaccessible chapters. A few clicks should get you done. As to your personal files and important app files, they will remain safe, while your system will use the freed up space to speed up your Mac performance. Disk permissions act like doorkeepers preventing third-party apps from meddling with your system.

But disk permissions can get broken, which limits your Mac ability to find the right files. If you are on macOS Sierra, skip this part, as Sierra takes care of them automatically.

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  4. It will now check the validity of your disk permissions. If you are a mere mortal, uneasy with using Terminal, a Mac cleaning utility like CleanMyMac X , can do a better, risk-free job. With your disk permissions fixed and verified you can enjoy a smoother overall Mac experience. System Junk can account for significant amount of disk space. Since we mostly use our Macs to go online, the internet-related junk takes up the most space.

    You probably know that a lot of files are purposely made invisible on your Mac. Not necessarily with bad intentions. Such files could be crucial system components and thus protected from accidental deletion. Do you see any grayed out files? Check what these files are and delete them if they look suspicious.