The Mac enters your Mac shortname as the Name , you will need to change this. Check the Remember this password in my keychain box to avoid having to enter the password again. If it is successful you will see the following and will ask you to Select a share which will be the shared folders on the PC.

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Your shared folder on the PC will then be mounted on the Mac Desktop and will be available in Finder. Select Choose another network location you have more than the choice indicated here and click Next. In this case the I have used the name of the Mac as the Network Place label.

Connect to Shared Folder on Windows 10 from Mac OS X

Click the folder to select it, and then click the Add button. Folders you add to the shared list have a set of defined access rights. By default, the current owner of the folder has read and write access; everyone else is limited to read access. The Users list will display the names of the users who have access rights.

Mac OSX Lion File Sharing Connection Failed

Next to each user's name is a menu of available access rights. The list includes individual users as well as groups, such as administrators.

You can also select individuals from your Contacts list, but this requires the Mac and the PC to use the same directory services, which is beyond the scope of this guide. A pop-up menu will appear with a list of available access rights. There are four types of access rights, although not all of them are available for every type of user.

Sharing options for nearly everyone

That's the basics for enabling files sharing on your Mac and setting up which accounts, and folders to share, and how to setup permissions. Depending on the type of computer you are trying to share files with, you may also need to configure a Workgroup Name. Share Pin Email.

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Problem with Mountain Lion clients connected to SMB shares

He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. Updated August 12, When the System Preferences window opens, click the Sharing preference pane. Click the Options button, just to the right of the text. Repeat the above steps for any additional folders you wish to share. You can change the default access rights by performing the following steps.

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Share only folders located in your Home folder or a folder within it. Because of the way Unix works, the Unix permissions of the enclosing folder can prevent access to a folder for which you do have permissions. By the way, you can set permissions for folders within your Public folder like the Drop Box folder that are different from those for the rest of the folder.

How to access User Library on Mac Mountain Lion osx 10.7