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Friendly interface Interactive Calendar's clean and extremely intuitive interface lets you get right to work. Calendar on your desktop wallpaper Interactive Calendar shows monthly calendar and scheduled appointments directly on your desktop wallpaper, so you never miss them!

use your calendar as your mac background

Extensive customization options Adjust anything from the position and size of the calendar to its skin, opacity, color, fonts, shadows, and much more, giving it a custom look. Wallpaper changer Set up a time interval, select pictures and Interactive Calendar will change your desktop background using a built-in wallpaper changer. You need to first force Mission Control not to move the Dashboard into a Space:. Select the Mission Control preference pane. Press F12 on some keyboards you may need to hold the Function key down or make sure the keyboard has F-Lock turned on , or click the Dashboard icon in the Dock.

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Select a widget by clicking it and holding down the mouse button. Still holding the mouse button, move the widget slightly. Keep holding the mouse button until the end of the next step. Press F12 don't forget the Fn or F-Lock if needed and drag the widget to the location of your choice on the desktop. Once the widget is where you want it, release the mouse button.

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Widgets that you move to the desktop always reside in front of the desktop and any applications or windows you may have open. For this reason, moving a widget to the desktop may not be the best idea if your Mac has a small display.

You need plenty of room for widgets for this trick to be useful. Select a widget on the desktop by clicking it and holding down the mouse button. Press F12 and drag the widget to the location of your choice in Dashboard.

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How to make your Google Calendar your PC's desktop wallpaper

Press F12 again. The widget you selected disappears, along with the Dashboard environment. Share Pin Email. Mar 4, 3 0. New idea You can go to your calendar and print the month you want to PDF. Aug 15, 11 Buffalo. You can go to your calendar and print the month you want to PDF. I was just posting the easiest way to go about it. Best of luck. Nov 18, 4.

Google Calendar Desktop for Mac

Did you try googling what I put? The OP posted at my time stamp and this post is around which is a whole hour later.

How to change your desktop background MAC (EASY)

I'm not gonna sit here and argue not helping someone versus helping someone. I'm more than willing to help, and I did, I pointed them into the right direction even when I did the searching for them to find the answer. Hope the iCal Viewer works for you. Good luck. Avi macrumors member.

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Feb 28, 63 0. Try EON Avi said:. AndyK macrumors Jan 10, 1, Terra. Nov 17, 1, 0. I hope it's something they incorporate for a future iCal feature.

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Feb 25, 1 0. I hope I'm replying correctly first time, sorry , but blotter seems to possibly do what you're after. Show hidden low quality content.