It has quite extensive support for video formats, and can master DVDs, although with less control over the menus that what you get with the above described method. I applaud the poster for posting this hint. I just wonder why this hint got only a 1-star rating, but without any comments explaining why.

The Best Way to Burn VOB to DVD on Mac (Mojave Included)

Not fair to him, and not helpful to others reading this hint. The ratings at macosxhints. The best hints get stars, while crap gets What we really need is user moderation on the comments, rather than rating the hints i. Not necessarily to bury some commenters, but there are often some great hints in the comments, and I'd like to rate them higher than the rest of the comments.

I've always wondered about the ratings also. I'm the developer, and really I made it very easy to get nearly any video to DVD format including the ability to download YouTube videos and burn them to a DVD or convert them to a friendly format of your choice. It's an all in one solution.

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While I would probably pull my hair out following such a lengthy process, this is indeed a handy tip to know. One question -- with the method mentioned in this hint, is it possible to create "random" videos, such as films with alternate endings where one is selected at random when played back? Yes, that sounds feasible.

Simply use a short film as a placeholder. With the new version of myDVDEdit it wil be even much simpler than before! Lost your password?

Powered by the Parse. Each episode is about 49 minutes long, and so my hard disc recorder couldn't fit them on one DVD. I removed the front credits, and made them one title on the DVD, so then there were six 'films' on the DVD: five episodes and one front credits.

VOB to DVD: How to Burn VOB to DVD on Mac OS X (Including EL Capitan)

Sorry, should have clarified that -- if anyone knows how to do this on a Mac, please let me know, thanks. Then use the PC instructions to figure out what to do next. However why did you create. VOB files? Wouldn't you been better off to make some Mac type file? To satisfy both sets of curiosity, just how did you create the VOB files? It will convert VOB files to. DV format, which you can then import into iMovie or whatever video editing tools you use.

Another way is to use VLC videolan.

How to convert and burn VOB to DVD?

There is a transcoding wizard in the program that will do the job for you. Having tried both, I think mediastream does a better job.

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Be prepared to experiment see below to get this to work. Both programs have loads of options that let you tweak how the conversion is handled - you're on your own here! Like mrmacfixit said Toast is the best way. Now the best way to rip a DVD is to use Handbrake. Discussion is locked. You can see how much space you will use with this write operation at the bottom bar indicated with green color. Click the 'Edit' button to move onto the next step. Next move onto the "Menu" tab at the top of the screen to prepare your DVD menu.

Best Tool to Burn VOB Videos to DVD for Free - WinX DVD Author

Go ahead and press the "Burn" tab to open the burn settings dialog. Here you will need to set output options. Then sit back and relax whilst your Disc is burning.