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Can iTunes Be Removed from High Sierra?

Which operating system version? I don't know if you can uninstall it if you are using Lion Why do you want to do this? If you provide us with specific problems or error messages you are seeing there may be a better way. Jul 9, AM. It'll happen to one playlist at a time. Very random, very annoying. I'd like to drop back to I had the same video files back then too. Reinstall of OS seems a bit dramatic, but given how much I use Itunes, kind of essential. My only worry in all the versions following that is this from I don't think this will fix your problem with restoring your iPhone 4 though.

That is likely a seperate issue.

Uninstall iTunes on a Mac Manually

Yes, you can theoretically restore your iPhone with any computer running the most current version of iTunes Follow Troubleshooting security software issues to resolve this issue. In rare cases, these errors may be a hardware issue. If the errors persist on another computer, the device may need service. Do you run any anti-virus or third-party firewalls on your computer?

Try disabling them and trying the restore process again. It may be possible that one of these security applications is interfering with the iPhone's ability to authenticate with Apple's servers. Jul 9, PM. In general installing over an exisiting install of an application won't do much. Chances are on the mac OS the problem is caused by preferences or plugins.

Just a troubleshooting tip in general to help folks. Installing over the app doesn't reset anything.

How to Uninstall or Reinstall iTunes on Mac? Quick Solutions Here

Aug 24, PM. I'm wondering the same thing because I do not like this new It does not allow me to sync up my iPhone!

How to Uninstall iTunes : iTunes Basics

This doesn't. I see the phone but it will not allow me to drag and drop my music off of my desk top. If I connect my phone directly, it syncs through 5 stages, and then that's it. The only music I can put on my phone is music I purchased via iTues through the Cloud!!

I have other music and can't get it. I tried to get rid of iTues 11, nd I don't seem to be able to, nor can I download an older version, because it stops me saying I have a newer version already on it'! Dec 11, PM. I've tried to adjust to it, but it's just terrible.

What If Your iTunes Cannot Work Normally?

Very disappointing from Apple. Jan 16, PM. Between me, my wife and kids, our household has 3 different iPods and an iPhone.

This new version of iTunes no longer recognizes any of the iPods. Yet it misserably fails to do so now. I want iTunes 10 back but am trapped with this pile of garbage.

How to Uninstall Brave Browser for Mac

Jan 24, AM. Someone told me to uninstall and reinstall Feb 23, PM. I am also having a simular problem. After clicking on software update for itunes, the I have about 50 or so play list with hundreds of songs espicially lined up in the order I want them to play. For instance, you may have at one time used a Microsoft Mouse, but have since changed to another brand.

If that's the case, you don't need the MicrosoftMouseHelper application that was installed when you first plugged in your Microsoft Mouse. Likewise, if you no longer use an application, you can remove any helpers associated with it. Removing an item from the list of Login Items doesn't remove the application from your Mac; it just prevents the application from launching automatically when you log in.

This makes it easy to restore a login item should you find out you actually need it. Before you remove a login item, make a note of its name and its location on your Mac. The name is what appears in the item list. You can discover the item's location by placing your mouse cursor over the item name. For instance, if you wanted to delete iTunesHelper:.

go to site Make a note of where the items are located in the Finder. Earlier versions of OS X used to show the login item location in a popup balloon that appeared just by hovering the cursor over the login item name. Want an easy way to copy a file location, which appears in a balloon window that disappears if you move the mouse?

Click the minus sign - in the bottom left corner of the Login Items pane. In most cases, you can use a simple method outlined in our article Add Startup Items to Login to restore a login item. Sometimes the item you wish to restore is stored within an application package, which is a special type of folder the Finder displays as a single file.

It's actually a folder with all kinds of folders stuffed inside it, including the item you want to restore. You can recognize this type of location by looking at the file path of the item you wish to restore. If the pathname contains applicationname. Note that the file we want to restore, iTunesHelper, is located within the iTunes.

The way around this is to use the drag-and-drop method of adding items to the Login Items list. Right-click the iTunes application and select Show Package Contents from the pop-up menu. Now you can follow the rest of the file path. Open the Contents folder, then Resources , and then select the iTunesHelper application and drag it to the Login Items list.